War Robot an action thriller multiplayer, third-person shooter game - released and developed by Pixonic.


How much important the Gold currency for the game; you absolutely know very well if you are a great lover of War Robot Game.


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Exact Ways to Get Bondless Gold Currency:

Gold is the most precious currency in the war robot game. It a great challenging to gain gold players awarded with 50 gold currencies all the time at the upper level.

To buy a high-quality robot or different stuff in war robot game Gold is a must. In opposite site, Gold additionally used to gain added Silver and different Workshop Points.

Participating Events:

In this thrilling game War Robots, additionally few events are included. Exact Participate in this event and finishing level is essential to get gold currency as well as other virtual currency.

Brawl the Best Robots and Get Gold!

As you know, it is very hard to get virtual currencies like Gold. Especially you can only gain gold by spending your real money. Especially In this game to earn gold, there are few combating events added where the gamers have to participate and finish with a victory.

In every new level of fighting, you can gain fifty golds. Succeeding medals in combat you may get gold. This game allows few stages of awards such as the ‘Medal of Valor’ winner gain 5 gold for his top place, for standing second 3 gold is given and for the 3rd stage, 1 gold allowed.

Absolute fight mission and huge time are needed to win more and more matches in this war robot multiplayer game. Fight against the opponent's players to gain gold

In the game, there are actually 2 purposes designated each day that needs to become accomplished. Each of these missions is going to allow you to get Gold if they are actually finished correctly. 

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